Simplicity, Accessibility, and Modularity

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Why Bismuth?

Bismuth Crypto
  • Lightweight (doesn't need powerful CPU nor RAM)
  • Flexibility (lego like building blocks system)
  • Extensibility (private dapps)
  • Scalability (dapps run only by nodes who have an interest in the app)
  • Fair distribution - No ICO, No premining
  • Coded from scratch (no Bitcoin nor Ethereum copycat)
  • Python codebase (Perfect fit for developers, scholars and academics)
  • Block time - Main-chain 60 seconds
  • Proof-of-Work difficulty retargets every block
  • ...more BIS key points.

Proof of Work Bismuth Main Chain interacts with the Proof of Stake Bismuth Side Chain

PoW Main Chain

Bismuth is using the sha224 “Heavy3” proof of work mining algorithm. Heavy3 is more resistant to FPGAs and ASICs because miners are required to hold a 1GB random binary file in memory. It requires a read from a random offset in a fixed lookup table, for each tested nonce.

PoS Side Chain

Bismuth Hypernodes use a separate chain, with no currency but metrics - Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) - instead. Both chains are loosely coupled and operate in an almost independent manner, with very different rules. The Hypernodes operate on a Proof of Stake (PoS) chain, with no mining and no competition between the Hypernodes. They observe and store their KPIs in the PoS chain.

Bismuth Supply

Current Supply (2023)


Total Supply (2030)

ca. 48 000 000 BIS

Total supply ca. 48 million Bismuth - and after block 7,100,000 2% tail emission

Bismuth Pillars

Real World Principle

Simple, easy to understand, yet effective and considered good enough.

Need to Store

Store proofs instead of data. Use checkpoints, signatures and fingerprints.

Clear Line of Trust

When you have to trust something or someone, you know what/ who you have to trust.

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